Student Accommodation Case Study

An example engagement and results.
This client engaged Humanise.AI to build both a Welcome system for new students and to integrate with its systems to provide a room rebooking chat service.

The Humanise.AI technology underpinned the solution and provided a full web-chat experience for students and a central communications centre for staff of the accommodation provider.


Solution Components


The transition to UK university life is a big one and the client wanted to help new students adjust.
Student Accommodation Onboarding:
An AI chat-based solution that educated new students, undertook surveys and raised customer support issues.
8,000 Students used our chat solution to get onboarded.
92% of those conversations were fully automated.
Bookings are key and the client wanted to maximise the rate of rebooking for the next financial year.
Conversational Marketing:
We ran email marketing campaigns to invite new students to a rebooking conversation, with integrated magic-link that ensured click-throughs customised the conversation.
>£1.5m of room rebookings completed through our solution.
As part of a continuous improvement programme, the client needed to collect feedback to inform its actions.
Conversational Surveys:
Our conversational system undertook surveys of students, collecting their opinions on their room, building service, personal stress levels, etc.
>75% of students using the solution completed a feedback survey, providing valuable information to help improve student accommodation and increase future customer satisfaction.
Humanise.AI is continuing its work in supporting student communities for both Universities and Accommodation Providers. Discover more about our Student Experience Bot.