Conversational Marketing

Super-charge your marketing campaigns by turning them into a two-way conversation.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing turns old-fashioned one-way email campaigns into two-way interactive campaigns that supercharge email marketing.

Each Conversational Marketing email we send includes a magic-link that, when pressed, brings your customer into an interactive chat. The magic-link also tells us who the customer is, so we can personalise that conversation. And the customer’s responses in that chat provide valuable feedback for measuring success and more finely tuning follow-up campaigns.

Conversational Marketing

No feedback.
Two-way – outbound email, followed by inbound chat.
One-way – outbound only.
Transactions executed and sales closed via chat integrations.
No interactivity.
Email open rates the only way to measure campaign success.

Email Marketing

Feedback from chats can be used to measure effectiveness and provide evidence to finely tune follow-ups.
Metrics gathered from chats that prove effectiveness of each campaign.

It works!

Because our Conversational Marketing campaigns result in actual transactions and sales, it’s easy to measure their value. For one customer, our Conversational Marketing campaign closed £1.5m of sales in the space of just 10 days.