Improve your customer communications and boost revenue with specialised AI for accommodation providers.

Gem is Web Chat, but for accommodation

Gem adds Chat to your website.

It’s just like normal Web Chat, only it uses our special Accommodation AI to automate answers to most questions and it integrates with your booking engine.

Gem's AI replies instantly and it never sleeps. Why is that important?

Research suggests that customers will wait only one minute for an answer.

Very few accommodation providers have dedicated 24x7 response units. Without Gem's AI, you're likely to disappoint your guests – some of whom will go elsewhere.

Gem's AI increases your revenue

Gem integrates with many leading booking engines. The list of integrations is always growing – so, your preference will probably be coming soon if it's not already available!
With this booking engine integration Gem handles room bookings itself, handing over to the booking engine at the last moment to complete payment. Your existing booking engine and payment processing investments are protected, making Gem's implementation easy, quick and non-disruptive.

Our optimised booking flow engages guests in a conversation and has proven repeatedly to increase conversion.

Gem's pop-up messages bring attention to things you might want to highlight – like that promotional package – and drive additional traffic. And our new click-to-action conversational buttons mean you can configure areas of your web-page to start a specific chat with Gem.
One of our clients – a UK hotel chain using Gem – receives £30,000 of room reservation leads in their booking engine, for each hotel, every month.

Gem empowers your staff

Gem has been trained to understand when it's best to get a member of staff to help. When presented with, for example, a billing enquiry or a lost property request, Gem will request your team to take over.

Using our Communications Centre, your team can message guests over web chat to respond to their enquiry.

But because Gem's AI handles most routine questions itself, your team's precious time is saved for when it's most needed.

Join our communication revolution!

Gem's Communication Centre gives you complete visibility of your leads – who visits your website, how they interact with Gem – in real-time, as it happens.

Communication Centre's CRM capabilities allow you to collect information about guests and get a complete history of everything they do with you.
Choose your plan
We have plans to suit all pockets. Dip your toe in the water with a free plan or upgrade to our Silver and Gold plans to boost Gem's ability to improve your revenue.

Live Chat for your website – start messaging your guests.

Gem's AI limited to capturing leads when you're busy or sleeping.

Communications Centre to chat with your leads when you're not busy or sleeping.

Everything from Bronze, plus the following:

Gem's AI can handle the booking conversation, passing the guest to your booking engine for payment.

Booking engine integration.

A website popup message that draws attention to Gem.

Everything from Bronze & Silver, plus the following:

In addition to room booking, Gem's AI can answer frequent guest questions itself, freeing your staff from routine enquiries.

Customisable website popup messages to draw attention to Gem.

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