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We embed our own end-to-end communications system within our solutions and work with customers on bespoke implementations.

A stressful transition

Those arriving at university are going through a big transition – from children to young adults. They are living away from parents/guardians often for the first time in their lives. This can be a stressful time. Some may not yet fully understand that the rules of adulthood are not the rules of the school yard and others may be affected as a result.

24% of ethnic minority students experience harassment

The Equality and Human Rights Commission found that 24% of ethnic minority students have experienced harassment. But harassment doesn't always take the obvious form – micro-aggressions, being ignored or excluded from conversations or groups can cause humiliation, isolation, loss of confidence and harm to mental health and wellbeing.

5x increase in mental health conditions

The Progressive Policy Thing Tank (IPPR) claim alarming levels of mental illness, mental distress and low wellbeing exist amongst students. Over the past 10 years there has been a fivefold increase in the proportion of students who disclose a mental health condition to their university. Worse, between 2007 and 2015, the number of student suicides increased by 79% (from 75 to 134).

Drop-out rates impact university fees

Harassment, together with mental health challenges, are significant causes of student drop outs. The drop-out rate for the whole population is 6.9, but rising to 10.3% for some ethnic groups. Over 1,000 students a year drop out due to mental health issues. And every drop out loses not just £9,000 in fees for that year, but for every subsequent year for the period of the drop out's studies.

Student Experience Bot

During the 2019/20 academic year we’ve had nearly 8,000 students use our technology and now we're building on that success. Our Student Experience Bot takes a dual approach.